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In the event of an emergency (out-of-hours)

Waterside vets will be using Vetsnow to provide emergency cover when we are closed.

We hope in the future to provide our own out-of-hours (OOH) cover but it will be sometime before we are in a position to be able to staff the clinic 24hrs per day.  We will be working in close partnership with Vetsnow to provide the best continuation of care in the event you need to use their services.  Notes from your pet's appointment or hospital stay will be sent to us so there will be no gaps in your pet's file.

Our principal OOH practice is Barton-Le-Clay.  They will handle emergency phone calls and provide initial triage during the period between our clinic closing and Vetsnow opening (7pm on weekdays). You are, however, free to use the nearest Vetsnow to you.  Below is a map of the nearest locations.

Emergency Vets


MK45 4LP

01582 322868

Milton Keynes


01908 590703



01604 945382



01733 665752

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