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Divide Buy
Waterside Vets
CareFree Credit

Carefree Credit is a third-party finance company that offer 0% APR loans for vet bills.

The application is made through Waterside Vets where, with help from a member of staff you fill out a basic eligibility form. This is then sent through to Carefree Credit and a link is emailed from them to you. Once you’ve followed the link and filled out the relevant information Carefree Credit get back to you within a few hours with their decision.

Providing you have been accepted you then pay a deposit directly to Carefree Credit (they go through this with you) and we book you in for the treatment.


Q – How much can I borrow? 

A – Loans are currently available for £50 - £6500 at 0% APR and up to 12 months. 

Q –Will I be eligible to apply if I am on benefits? 

A – Yes, the finance is available to anyone. There is no minimum income threshold as  the lender looks at affordability as well as credit history.  

Q – Do we always have to pay a deposit? 

A – Yes, the deposit is taken as your 1st month’s payment upfront. Depending on your affordability assessment/ Credit score the lender may ask you to pay - 

  • 1st month upfront 

  • 1st month + an additional amount 

  • 1st month + guarantor 

If you are not able to afford this, you cannot proceed with your loan at this time. This does not stop a partner/ spouse/ family member to make the application in their name (but please ensure they are aware the affordability assessment/ credit check will be in their name and the payment will be taken from their bank account.

Q- Why does it say Dividebuy? 

A – Dividebuy are the lender (bank that lends you the money). Carefree Credit are the Broker that works with both your practice and the lender to bring the facility together. 

Q – What is 2 step authentication? My bank is asking me for a password? 

A – When making online payments, it is now mandatory for banks to have a second secure check in place for anti-fraud measures. When making payments online you will most likely be asked to enter a OTP (One Time Passcode) this is sent to your mobile.  

Q – If I get stuck on my application or it doesn’t allow me to get past a question what do I do? 

A – Any questions at all regarding your application or active loan MUST go to the Dividebuy Chat box. The Chat box is on the bottom right hand corner of every screen.  And you can also access it through the Dividebuy website via this link - 

The Customer Services ‘Chat Box’ is available Monday to Friday 8am until 8pm/ Saturday 8am until 4.30pm and Sunday 9am until 4.30pm. 

Q – Can I call my practice or Carefree Credit to help me? 

A – Your practice and Carefree Credit can send links but do not have access to everything the lender does so please ensure you direct all your queries through the Dividebuy Chat Box. 

Q – I’m not very good with technology.  

A- To make an application you need to have an email address and a mobile number. If you don’t have any of these, a partner/ spouse/ family member can make the application.


Q – I am disabled/ a vulnerable person can I still apply as I need help with my bills? 

A – Yes, you can ask a carer, if you have one, to assist you to contact the Chat Box or ask the practice to contact Carefree Credit to request a call back from Dividebuy. 


Q – Why is my practice applying for more than what my bill may be? 

A- Your practice will always estimate at the highest cost they think the treatment will be. Once they have a final bill your loan will be amended to the final amount. 

Q – I am being asked to sign a Satisfaction Note. Why? 

A – The Satisfaction Note is confirmation (Proof) to the lender that the treatment has gone ahead and that you are proceeding with the loan to settle the finance with the practice. 

Q – I don’t seem to be getting the links? 

A – Please check your junk/spam folder for an email from als check you have not got pop up blockers on and that you are getting a good internet/  service provider signal.  

Q – Can I pay my loan off early? 

A – Yes, you can pay off early with no penalty.  

Q – I have just set up a loan over 9 months but want to change it to 12 months. Can I do this? 

A – To change your loan term this is a new loan being set up. The practice will need to cancel your existing loan to allow you to make a new application for 12 months.

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